About Me

My name is Sophia M. DiCaro and I am the Republican candidate for legislative House District 31. Over the last few years I have become more and more convinced that it is time for some new ideas in the legislature, time for fresh eyes and time for new leadership.
I am proud to call Utah my home. It is here that I learned the values of service and family. My father was a coal miner and proud United States Marine Corps sergeant. My mother ran a minority-owned small business. They instilled in me the values of hard work and service to others.
From an early age I was taught to work hard and strive for excellence. Because of that work ethic, I was awarded academic scholarships to help pay for my education at the University of Utah and was later recruited to work in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. At night I continued to follow my passion for government and completed a Masters of Public Administration at the University of Utah, where I now teach public budgeting and finance as an adjunct instructor.
As a West Valley City resident of twelve years with my husband Robert and my three young children, I share with you a vested interest in the future of the state, particularly in the areas of job growth and creation, education, good governance and preparing for substantial population growth along the Wasatch Front.
I have spent the past fifteen years of my life dedicated to serving the public in various capacities. I have garnered the trust and support of many in the front lines of public policy and the business community and I am seeking to earn your trust and support so that I can continue to work hard for you.
Sophia M. DiCaro
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