Why I’m Running

I am very passionate about public service and believe that if you are able to give back to the greater good, you should. I have spent the last fifteen years in public service in a variety of capacities. First under four different governors in various leadership roles and more recently, in the Utah State Legislature.
Additionally, with my children in the public school system I have a deep desire to contribute to education in a direct and positive way. I’ve followed education issues from a statewide perspective, and remain committed to elevating the voice of the people in our local area. I’ve visited with the principals and directors of the schools in the district and will continue to maintain an open dialogue with those on the front lines of education.
I am excited to explore a different side of public policy and directly participate with my community to move things forward. As your representative, I will focus on policies that positively advance our state and grow Utah’s economy, prioritize education, strategically plan for growth, and support accountable and transparent governance.