Other Supporters

“Sophia has been a strong voice for Salt Lake County’s west side. She understands the importance of local control and staying close to the people she represents.”

Aimee Winder Newton
Councilwoman, Salt Lake County Council, District 3

“Representative Sophia DiCaro is a public servant with the highest integrity who knows the issues and fights passionately for the people of her district. I strongly encourage voters elect her to another term of dedicated service in the Utah House of Representatives.”

Governor Gary R. Herbert

“Sophia is a Utah leader who has proven to be effective in representing her district. We must do our part to support such leaders. Keep great representation for the second largest city of the state and re-elect Representative Sophia DiCaro.”

U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz
U.S. House of Representatives

“As the Managing Director at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, I witnessed Sophia’s commitment and hard work to help the private sector grow jobs. As the Governor’s Chief of Staff, I observed Sophia’s responsible and collaborative approach to solving the problems associated with navigating Utah out of the Great Recession. I know what it takes to be an effective state leader and Sophia DiCaro has all those qualities and more. She has served her district well on Utah’s Capitol Hill and I hope you will join me in supporting her re-election.”

Derek B. Miller
President & CEO, World Trade Center Utah

“I have known Sophia for the term she has served in the Utah State House of Representatives.  She has kept her district updated on a regular basis through e-mails and her website concerning the work of this group plus her efforts on the areas of concern. She has sought the opinions of all within her district and held meetings regularly to update her constituents on what has been going on as well as to provide information regarding upcoming issues from experts in the concerned areas.  The panel discussions have been very informative and interesting.  When she is the only one presenting, her preparation is evident, well delivered without the “ya know” or “uh” between words and sentences. She is personable to visit with and gives her full attention to the concern of the constituent with interest and positive communication.

I intend to vote for her in the coming election and urge all who want good representation to do so.  We may not have much influence in the national elections, but we DO have a voice for our local and state leaders.”

Myrna Anderson
WVC Resident

“I support re-electing Rep. Sophia DiCaro because she has proven to be an effective and influential voice on the hill for her constituents. She is a friend and defender of hard working families in the state and works across the aisle to do what’s right for her district.”

Dale Cox
President and CEO, Utah AFL-CIO

“We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you have put forth to represent Utah’s hard working families.”

Zackery M. Hatch
President, West Valley Firefighters, IAFF Local 2970

“Sophia is a competent, experienced and sensible person who would serve her constituents well. She has a great reputation and was an outstanding member of the state budget office during my administration. I am pleased to endorse her for House District 31.”

Governor Jon Huntsman Jr.

Sophia DiCaro will make a great contribution to Utah public policy. Her approach is reasoned and sensible. I fully endorse her candidacy.”

Governor Michael O. Leavitt

“Sophia DiCaro will be the kind of legislature that Utah needs. She loves public service for all of the right reasons. She loves this state, and wants to do her part to make it better through public policy. She brings common sense, wisdom and a sense of fairness to everything she does.”

Governor Olene S. Walker

“Sophia supports small business and as a West Valley City small business owner, I lend my support to her to represent House District 31.”

Dr. Joyce Sibbett Ph.D.
President, Dancing Moose Montessori School

“As a West Valley City resident of 7 years, I feel it is time for new representation at the state level. I have worked with Sophia for six years and have experienced her leadership first hand. She is skilled and qualified, and I know she will bring to House District 31 the representation it needs and deserves.”

Kelly Day
Resident, West Valley City

“Sophia worked for the state while I was in the Legislature and the Governor’s Office. From both my personal interaction with her and her reputation on Capitol Hill, she is an effective, hard-working and knowledgeable person. She has worked with our city in bringing jobs and businesses to our community that has made West Valley City the envy of most cities in Utah. It’s hard to argue with that great success. Please join me in supporting a great candidate who will serve District 31 well.”

Mayor Ron Bigelow
West Valley City

“This is not a race of Republicans vs. Democrats. This is an opportunity to put the right person in the right job at a critical juncture in our State. I had the privilege of working shoulder to shoulder with Sophia for the past five years in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and I have seen her incredible talents at work. She understands the business community, the state’s operations and budgeting process, the people, the administration and the nuances associated with all aspects of Utah’s government. Most importantly, Sophia knows how to work with people to actually accomplish things and we really need great people to lead our State into the future where Utah will gain 2.5 million people over the next 25 years.”

Spencer P. Eccles
Managing Director, Cynosure

“Sophia DiCaro will be a model legislator — smart, fair, wise and hard-working. She is the personification of great public service.”

Vicki Varela
Business and Community Leader

“Sophia will work hard to make her community better. She cares about people and has the credibility and experience to make a difference in the legislature.”

Representative Becky Lockhart
Utah House of Representatives

“Sophia has been working on key issues for the State of Utah for many years. Her passion and expertise has benefited the state tremendously. Because of her work on economic development issues, Utah has been recognized as one of the best states in the nation for business. We need more people like Sophia in the Utah Legislature.”

Representative Greg Hughes
Utah House of Representatives

“We need people in the legislature who understand the state budget and the nuances involved with public budgeting. Sophia brings this to the table. She would add value to the Utah State Legislature and would be a great representative for her constituents.”

Representative Brad Wilson
Utah House of Representatives

“Sophia’s rural Utah roots add to her unique qualities as a candidate. She will be great not only for her district but for the entire state. Her economic development experience combined with strong work ethic, make her the perfect candidate to represent District 31.”

Senator Ralph Okerlund
Utah State Senate

“As a champion for transportation planning and economic development, I encourage you to support Sophia and elect her to the Utah House of Representatives. Sophia has been an active participant and contributor in job creation activities for the state she will certainly help move the needle in growing Utah’s economy.”

Senator Stuart Adams
Utah State Senate

“Sophia is a high quality candidate who has earned the respect of many. She is humble and has no ego, which makes her approachable and effective. Please join me in supporting a great candidate.”

Scott Anderson
President & CEO, Zions Bank

“Sophia’s voice is respected on Capitol Hill by the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. I want that voice building my community and future.”

Michael R. Sibbett
West Valley City business owner & former Cabinet Member with four Governors

“The Utah Tourism Industry Association (UTIA) has worked with Sophia DiCaro for many years and appreciates her clear understanding of tourism’s importance as an economic engine for all of Utah. She helped to shape a cohesive and comprehensive approach to tourism economic development with the Utah Office of Tourism in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Sophia is the consummate professional.”

Nan Anderson
Executive Director, Utah Tourism Industry Association

“As majority leader for the House of Representatives, I have had the pleasure of working with Sophia on a number of Issues. I can attest to Sophia’s follow through and her willingness to work with others to find solutions. She would be a great addition to the legislature and a strong influence for her constituents.”

Representative Brad Dee
Utah House of Representatives

“I fully endorse Sophia DiCaro as the leading candidate for House District 31. Sophia understands the significance and importance of the manufacturing industry and the respective jobs that support Utah families. She would be a great voice for her constituents in the legislature and would represent and serve them well.”

Todd Bingham
President & CEO, Utah Manufacturer's Association

“As Senate President, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sophia on a variety of economic development issues. She understands Capitol Hill and the budget process well and will be able to hit the ground running. It is easy to get behind her and support her for the Utah House of Representatives.”

Wayne Niederhauser
President, Utah State Senate

“As a long time member of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and a business owner, I support Sophia DiCaro because I support the importance of electing good people into office. This race isn’t about electing a Republican or a Democrat. This race is about electing a great candidate who brings a new perspective and a needed voice to the legislature.”

Senator Pat Jones
Utah State Senate

“Sophia is someone who really understands the business community well. She has the superb background and in depth experience to truly make a critical difference in our state legislature. She is the right person for this important job and I know from much personal experience over many years that her collaborative nature will make her a very effective legislator.”

Lew Cramer
President & CEO, Coldwell Banker Commercial Intermountain

“Sophia has been a great public servant. Her expertise on economic and budget issues will be extremely beneficial to her community. I fully support Sophia and appreciate her professionalism. She has my complete confidence and I encourage you to support her too. Vote Sophia DiCaro for State Representative.”


John Dougall
Utah State Auditor

“It is important to support great people to do great things and I believe Sophia will do great things. Her heart is in the right place and I support elevating the importance of electing good people into office.”

Jimmy Shea
Olympic Gold Medalist

“Sophia DiCaro will an excellent addition to the Utah House of Representatives. She understands the legislative process well and already has the connections needed to get things done for her constituents. She is a highly respected leader with an excellent reputation. She works hard and listens. Legislators value her knowledge and skills. She will have an immediate, positive impact on the Legislature.”

Representative Ronda Menlove
Utah House of Representatives