By the year 2050, our population will double in size to 5.4 million. The decisions we make today will have a big impact on how our environment will look in the future. Will we have quality jobs that are needed to raise our level of income to pay for an increasing cost of living? Will we have the transportation infrastructure needed for commerce to flourish and to maintain healthy and tolerable road congestion levels? Will we have affordable housing to accommodate growth? Will Salt Lake County remain a desired place to establish a career and raise a family?
Regional coordination and collaboration will become more and more important as we grow. We need to prepare for growth in responsible ways and it will be necessary for us to consider policies that will support and sustain the environment and the quality of life we want 30 years from now. As the county with the largest population in the state, Salt Lake County has a responsibility to lead out on these issues.
For this reason, I will focus on supporting policies that positively advance our county in the areas of economic development, quality growth, and good governance.
Growing the Economy: Grow Salt Lake County’s Economy
  • Incubate and retain a healthy talent pool for employers
  • Improve burdensome and outdated regulations
  • Elevate regional collaboration with cities, other counties, and the State of Utah
Quality Growth: Strategically Plan for Growth
  • Support coordinated transportation growth strategies
  • Encourage individual responsibility and partner with industry on air quality
  • Work on creative ways to bolster affordable housing in the county
Good Governance: Support Accountable and Transparent Governance
  • Make it easier to track how your dollars are being spent
  • Enhance transparency for quasi-governmental organizations
  • Implement long term planning principles into the budget process